Terms and Conditions




  1. Course bookings can be made directly with us, by email admin@bwbta.co.uk or by contacting us via phone, landline 01206 483367, mobile 07377740067.
  2. Course bookings can also be made when you enrol directly on our student portal.
  3. If you make a course booking under the Distance Selling Regulations 2014 and your course starts less than 14 days later, you agree to forfeit your rights to a refund if you cancel your course.
  4. All course deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  5. Once a booking and a payment has been made, any fees are non-refundable after the 14-day cooling off period.
  6. Courses booked in person or within 14 days of the start date do not qualify for the distance act rules.
  7. Once we have processed your booking you will receive a course confirmation email. Your place on a course is only guaranteed when your deposit/full payment/required instalment plan payment has been received and you have received a booking confirmation. If you do not receive a booking confirmation, please contact us by email.
  8. In the unlikely event that that the course date you have chosen is cancelled by BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited you will be offered an alternative date.
  9. BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited is responsible for checking learners have the right pre-requisites in place before they book onto any course(s).
  10. It is the learner’s responsibility to check with their insurance companies that they are permitted to add any new treatments onto their policy before making a booking.
  11. If you have any questions before you attend a course booking, we suggest you contact us to ask first before making a booking, so you can ensure you are happy with your choice, and so we feel we have covered everything you need to know. If you have any concerns, we are here to answer them before you join a course.
  12. All learners must supply their own models. BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited take no responsibility for learners who cannot supply their own models.
  13. Once the learner has accessed the training via the student portal, their forfeit their right to a 14-day cooling off period and all terms along with this apply.

Payments & Cancellation Policy

  1. Current course fees are available by contacting us directly, by email admin@bwbta.co.uk or via phone, landline 01206 483367, mobile 07377740067.
  2. Payments can be made via our student portal using card details, BWBTAPLAN Instalment plan via online invoice or BACS.
  3. Course fees include tuition fees, training materials/products used during lessons, manuals and handouts, refreshments. Additional fees may be required such as registration fees/assessment fees/Admin fees and model prices.
  4. Any other items that will include further costs such as kits for home use will be charged as additional items unless specifically stated otherwise.
  5. Under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, a student has a right to cancel a course within 14 days (known as a “cooling off period”) of entering a contract. In this instance a full refund will be made to the student. If the course commences within the cooling off period and the student has attended the course, then the cooling off period is forfeited meaning that a refund cannot be obtained.
  6. The 14-day cooling off period required under the Distant Selling Regulations states that if a learner withdraws from a course before completion or failing to attend the course without giving at least 14 days prior notice, no refund will be made, or transfer offered.
  7. A learner must notify BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited in writing (email or letter) up to 14 days before the start date of a course of a cancellation, at which time a full refund less the deposit will be made (within 14 days of notification). It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that a confirmation of cancellation is received.
  8. We are unable to accept cancellation notification via any third-party payment systems or platforms you may have used when booking. It is not their responsibility to let us know of any cancellations. You must contact us first before contacting the payment gateway of your cancellations.
  9. If a learner fails to notify BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited of a cancellation or are unable to attend, then a charge of £50 will be issued to reschedule to an alternative date.
  10. If a student withdraws from a course within 14 days of commencement for whatever reason, then the full fee will remain payable, or any fees paid will be held.
  11. Please note all cancellations must be made in writing to BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited
  12. Upon payment via online invoice the learner will incur a 1.4% administration fee.
  13. On receipt of a completed/signed booking form BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited assumes your commit to the training and payment in full for the agreed training is met.
  14. Any learner who enters into a payment plan option agrees to pay the sums owed on the agreed dates/term as set out in the booking form contact.
  15. Failure to meet the monthly payments will result in the full amount agreed being served a debt collection notice
  16. BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited will allow 7 days grace to make payment in full, should payment not be received the debt will be passed to a debt collection agency for recovery.
  17. Please note additional fees will be applied by the agency appointed to recover costs.


  1. BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited warrants that the services provided under these terms will be provided with reasonable skill and care.
  2. The student warrants to BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited that they are:
  3. Legally capable of entering binding contracts, and have full authority, power and capacity to agree to these booking terms.
  4. The information provided in or in connection with the booking request is accurate and complete.
  5. The student will be able to attend the BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited course at the time and in the place advertised.
  6. The student meets the pre-requisites and qualification criteria for attending the course as specified in pre-requisites
  7. The student is a resident of the European Union.

Generalised Policies

  1. The learner is required to have 100% attendance of the course on which they are booked. Classes will begin promptly at the published time regardless of whether all learners are present. Trainers are not responsible for repeating missed work. Class hours may vary at BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited’s discretion, without prior notice.
  2. Course content is designed to meet the criteria set out by the relevant awarding bodies. Failure to attend all the guided learning hours could result in the learner not gaining the relevant qualification.
  3. Students will follow the dress code set by BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited. Black or white Beauty uniforms/tunics/scrubs, with no long sleeves. Hair is to be kept neat and tied back during all practical work. Nails should be short with minimal vanish or gel polish, no jewellery and covered toe shoes only. Attendance in the incorrect attire may mean you cannot complete the course on the day.
  4. Learners must be 18 years or over at the time they begin a course at BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited
  5. Withdrawal from courses at any stage throughout a programme may incur additional charges or de-registration.
  6. BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited reserve the right to alter prices at any time which will supersede any prices displayed on brochures, flyers, websites or social media posts. Prices are inclusive of VAT (VAT number 376744260)
  7. BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited reserves the right to alter or reschedule course dates and timetables if necessary.
  8. BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited reserves the right to alter and rearrange the course structure and content as and when necessary or as directed by any governing bodies or accredited institutions without notice.
  9. BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited reserves the right to decide on the number of students present on a course at any time.
  10. BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited reserves the right to refuse entry/enrolment onto any course or refuse education to a student booked on a course with valid reason.
  11. All course materials are copyright to BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited and will not be copied without permission.
  12. BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited cannot be held responsible for any transport issues or accommodation cancellations, weather problems, unexpected work commitments, childcare issues, sudden illnesses or industry specific or national announcements that make it impossible to attend the course.
  13. It is the right of the trainer to ask any disruptive learners to leave the class at any time during their training if they feel they are having a negative influence on the other learners, in fairness to them. In the unlikeness of this action occurring, no refunds of the disruptive learner will be offered.
  14. If a learner arrives 30+ minutes late to training without prior notice you may not be permitted to join the class and an administration fee may be charged with any change of dates.
  15. Please note that by paying for course bookings it is your responsibility to ensure you have read our Terms and Conditions which have been issued to you.
  16. BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited reserve the right to update our website at any time (including the prices of our courses which are subject to change) and our Terms and Conditions are also subject to change. Any issues or concerns are to be addressed in writing.
  17. BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited will not guarantee learners will pass any test, examination or competence certificate. If during the test, examination or competency demonstration the student does not meet the standards required by the governing body applicable to that skill, then BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited cannot be held responsible.
  18. Courses will require practice on models, plus written assignments to enable completion. Photographic evidence of this practical work may be required by the internal and external verifier.
  19. All students are required to follow Health and Safety, Student Conduct, Client Confidentiality, Data Protection and any other policy or regulation as set by BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited. These are available to students on request.
  20. The final decision on any assessment will be made by BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited, FOCUS, VTCT or any other awarding body.
  21. Students acknowledge that any work not submitted to the tutor for marking within the agreed study period will be subject to further fees. The student also acknowledges that some work will have to be to a standard recognised by external awarding bodies in order to receive the accredited qualification.
  22. It is the learners’ responsibility to study resources deemed appropriate to pass the written work, practical assessments and exams.
  23. Home study of theory is required, and it is the student’s responsibility to do so in order to have the knowledge required to pass the assessments.
  24. On some courses you will be required to perform a patch test
  25. Whilst we can suggest a prescriber for you (with treatments such as Wrinkle Relaxing) we cannot guarantee that the prescriber will be able to prescribe for you in your area.
  26. On some course’s learners are required to be models – if you do not wish to be/cannot be a model then it will be your responsibility to bring a model.

– Re-sit exams will be charged for as follows:

  1. Written 1st attempt – Included in course fees
  2. Written 2nd attempt – Included in course fees
  3. Written 3rd attempt – £20.00
  4. Written further attempts – £25.00
  5. Practical 1st attempt – Included in course fees
  6. Practical further attempts charged at £75.00
  7. All re-sit exams will need to be booked into dates when the internal verifier is booked to attend.Re-sits and re-takes of written or practical assessments will be taken at a time scale set by BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited which suits the internal verifier or external verifier. VTCT, FOCUS or ITEC in any discipline have an end date given by BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited at enrolment. Any completion passed the given end date will be charged at a penalty of £150 for each day dedicated to student completion. Any re-sits required past a 2-year period need to be started again and will be charged at the full price of the qualification to do this.

Complaints Procedure

BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited aim to provide a high standard of service and an excellent experience. However, if you have any complaints or grievances then please make them known in writing to admin@bwbta.co.uk. We will then work to investigate and resolve them.

Course Languages

The only language used by BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited is English. If you require your course literature to be translated to a different language then please discuss this at the point on booking, at least 28 days before the start of the course. BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited reserves the right to charge a fee for any literature translation services.

Applicable Laws

These booking terms are governed by and created in compliance with English law, and the courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in relation to these booking terms

Instalment Plan – BWBTAPLAN

  1. Learners can pay instalments to spread the cost of the course into more manageable payments in accordance with the instalment plan policy. The amount payable for each instalment will be agreed between BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited and the learner
  2. All payment plans are internal, 0% APR, require no credit check but do require two forms of ID and proof of address.
  3. All instalment agreements must be adhered to, agreed and signed by BW Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Limited and the learner. Failure to adhere to the agreement will result in the course dates being opened to other learners and the agreement becoming invalid. All monies paid will therefore forfeit the agreement rendering it null and void.
  4. BWBTA PLANS must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the learner attending the academy for their practical training.

Lease/ purchase BWBTA EQUIPMENT

  1. A 7-day free trial is offered with your equipment, should you like to return the machine to us within this period, it is at your expense and must be returned in the original packaging and in immaculate condition as per issue
  2. Special delivery must be used
  3. Proof of postage will be required; this must be forwarded to us upon shipment
  4. Upon receipt and inspection of the equipment leased, the contract will cease
  5. After 7 days trial period the full lease terms are enforced. The terms of the lease are 6 or 12 months, this will be agreed upon booking whereby you commit to maintaining the machine in a fully operational and hygienic condition, following all manufacturers guidelines and the training provided by BWBTA
  6. All parts are covered under the terms of the lease with a 12-month warranty, excluding accidental damage caused by you or your establishment
  7. It is assumed that whilst the equipment is in your possession you will maintain and use it according to manufactures guidelines and that the equipment is used for treatment fit for purpose
  8. Monthly instalments must be made via standing order on the agreed date set out in the booking confirmation
  9. Any failed parts or faults must be reported to us within 7 days of discovery, we will aim to replace parts any parts within 14 days. Full machine failure will again be reported within 7 days, we will replace this within 7 days
  10. Upon the end of the lease term, you are required to return the equipment in the original packaging within 7 days of the lease closure, this must be via special delivery
  11. If you have opted for a lease/purchase on 12 months option for the equipment will then become your property and will no longer be covered by our warranty
  12. Payments are as follows:
Lease 6-month contractLease 12-month contractLease/purchase 12-month contract
£322 per month£180 per month150 per month
£83.00 per week£41.50 per week

£34.60 per week



If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Start your new career today!

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Start your new career today!

Contact a member of our team today to discuss the best courses for your new career in beauty.

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The staff are more than happy to answer any questions you have, their course content is second to none!! Throughout the first lockdown I had SO much support and the team are unbelievably friendly!

Caitlin Stuart

Really impressed with the customer service and quick delivery, nothing is too much trouble, any questions are answered swiftly, Thankyou so much, definitely recommend

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I highly recommend this company for training, I’ve completed lots of courses with them and can’t wait to do more. Their courses have so much content and are explained well making them easy to understand.

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I have just completed the gel nail and hopi ear candle course. very informative and easy to use. Also very useful help and quick replies when messaging with any queries. highly recommend.

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Absolutely amazing company! I have used BWBTA with all my training and wouldn't ever look back. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I have learned so much from them all. I feel at home when I go there. They also give endless support. I would highly recommend. Thank you!


What can I say? What an amazing experience learning with BWBTA! I have now completed about 10 courses with them and I have always been so happy with the service. I recently undertook the Phlebotomy and IV Drip Training and already feel so confident!


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